About There She Goes + She

A Little Bit about There She Goes...

TSG opened in November 2017 by me (aka She or Sheila Stewart).  I am a wife and a mom to three, Charlie, Eddie & Vivi. I was in medical sales/sales management for many years and had been thinking about doing my own thing for quite awhile. 

I FINALLY put my fear at bay and took the plunge in the summer of 2017 and started my journey.  I was so green & a lot of days I didn't feel like I knew what I am doing!  However, I was/am tireless in my effort to bring trendy & fashionable apparel, jewelry, accessories & gifts to my all my ladies via There She Goes. 

I started the boutique in the basement of our home, I renovated our basement to look like a tiny, quaint boutique.  TSG was only open on Fridays to customers who wanted to come shop.  To some, this felt like an odd set up but people started to come shop and then told some friends, and more started to follow.  For several ladies TSG became a part of their weekly routine.  They would stop in to check out the new arrivals because every week there are always new items.  I got to know customers, learned about their likes and dislikes, their families, had many convos and these ladies soon became friends.  

I was able to get my feet wet and step by step figure out this small business.  I made many mistakes and it was definitely a learning process but after 3.5 years in the basement and one year into covid I decided to take another leap.  A brick and mortar store. Excited and frightened, I signed a lease and we went to renovating an old hair salon into the new There She Goes.  I signed a lengthy lease and was scared to death, could we make it?  Will people come?  Will they continue to shop?  Hands down, one of the best decisions I have made in my life.  

We have been blessed with amazing local and even nationwide loyal customers!  Without you, none of this would have been remotely possible.  We opened our storefront in May of 2021.  We added a weekly Wednesday Night Live on Instagram to show our followers all of our new arrivals.  And in November of 2022, we expanded and doubled the size of our store.   

There She Goes is really just a little shop providing a fun, easy & low pressure shopping experience with unique items curated just for YOU.  We work hard to find affordable pieces to keep you looking fashionable + on trend but doesn't break your bank.  

SO, if you have not come in....just get on over here.  If you have....well, GIRL, cannot wait to see you again.  Thanks to all who have supported There She Goes, we cannot thank you enough for all the love!